Cog Gear Sculptures
These artistic creations incorporating cogs have been described as whimsical wall sculptures, coffee table conversational pieces, and office desk puzzles. We use the best hardwoods available to hand craft these 'Cog- Works'. Each product can become, if you like, a changeable piece of art because its design can be altered by moving the gears on their base; new works can be created whether the piece is intended to be displayed vertically on the wall or to be laid flat on a horizontal surface. Enjoy the possibilities with these facinating manipulative art pieces!

Educational Sets
Cogworks Educational Science Tools provide the neccessary spark to motivate middle and high school students; hands-on exploration using our gear apparatus gives students a fuller understanding of simple and complex machines.

Museum Exhibits
Cogworks exhibits are the ultimate hands-on educational tools! You will find these interactive fixtures in school lobby's, science museums, and children's museums where they have proved to be a favorite with employees and patrons. Our exhibits demand to be the focus of attention; children are attracted to them because of their visual interest and play value, while adults appreciate the quality craftsmanship of the overall exhibit and the beauty and strength of the gears.

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