Factory of Dreams

Factory of Dreams Wall Sculpture ~ “Factory of Dreams” kinetic energy results from cranking the driving gear handle to set other gears, or cogs, and pulleys in motion. This wall sculpture is attached to the wall via a unique and interesting magnetic system that allows the sculpture to be removed easily when required. One can create a one-of-a-kind new sculpture by altering the entire piece on a horizontal plane. This is achieved by using the tools supplied along with your own imagination! Yes, one can change the configuration of the piece to make a design of ones own; just like Hornby’s “Meccano”, The “Factory of Dreams” is made from the finest metals available; cartridge brass and stainless steel components are machined in our workshop along with all the wooden pieces. We use the best hardwoods available and they include; Walnut, Cherry, Bloodwood, Mahogony, Lacewood, Tiger Maple, Birdseye Maple, Redwood Burl, and Tiger Ash. The circumference of the sculptures matrix base is framed by Walnut with Bloodwood inlays.



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