About the Jesse Emory Clock

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Cogworks decided to craft a tall clock in the style of Jesse Emory's because his was the finest American wooden works clock movement ever made. This opinion is shared by many leading horologists. In the early 1800's, Emory not only made the inner workings for his clocks, he also finely crafted their cases. Emory was an original thinker who had some great ideas to incorporate into his work. His gears were made in a way that made them strong and beautiful. After researching Emory's work to the full, we began to make improvements and came up with something that we are proud to put our name on. Our tall clocks are in limited production and make a sound investment.


This limited edition wooden works tall clock was inspired by clocks made by Jesse Emory. Many of the features and improvements incorporated in this clock are adaptations from the wooden works clockmaker, John Harrison (1693-1776). Essentially, wooden works clock makers, a lost breed of American craftsmen, were fine craftsmen who were equally comfortable working in wood and metal. We ourselves found working with wood to be a greater challenge than working with metal because of the woods grain and hydroscopic characteristics.
Wooden works clocks, if built right, will operate in all humidity conditions, and are in fact just as reliable and equally as accurate as any brass works clock. The Cogworks movement features Lignum Vitae bearings, therefore no expensive lubrication and service is required every 3-5 years like a brass movement.


A wooden works clock movement, if built correctly, self compensates for may of the dimension changes due to hydroscopic effects. We do not make ugly plywood gears or laminated hardwood gears, but use Emory's example in using only slow growth New Hampshire quarter sawn maple to craft our gears. Emory was a genius to figure this out!

Tall Case Details

The country clock case is only 7' tall and made from solid tiger maple. It has simple pleasing proportions with a heavy set bonnet for the jewel of a movement. It features Emory's unusual door latch and exquisite scroll work on the bonnet. It also has windows in the side of the bonnet to behold the works. The weights are set in wood like Emory's original, and features a handsome pendulum rod. The dial is painted white, engraved, and hand painted with Emory's floral motifs. The clock bell is made in London, England, by the famous Whitechapel Bell foundry.


Pricing $14,995.00  Tiger Maple Case featuring Cogworks improved Emory Hard Maple Movement

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