Engraved Maple Dial

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Front SideThe Jesse Emory style dial is extremely detailed and has the following features:

  • Made from hard maple.
  • Features floral design of red flowers with dark leaves.
  • Simplicity of design makes dial attractive and unique.
  • All decorations and numerals "engraved" and then painted.
  • Dial coated with 14 coats of acrylic paint. Hand rubbed for smooth texture. Will not crack or yellow.
  • Reproduction dial with "Jesse Emory" Weare also available.
  • Dial located with 4 tapered maple pegs into the movement posts.
  • Dial features integral 31 tooth date wheel from Quarter sawn hard maple.
  • Custom floral designs also available.
    Engraved Maple Dial - Rear Side
  • Cross braces from hard maple
  • Cross braces float to accommodate seasonal changes in humidity. In New Hampshire dial size will vary up to 1/4" from summer to winter. It is essential dial has zero stress created by this large dimensional change.
  • Stainless steel spring so date indicator hand springs into place. A charming sound if you happen to be around the clock shortly after midnight having a nightcap.
  • Cross brace location holes slightly oval so dial can effortlessly be removed during any season
  • Rear side finished with 4 coats specially formulated tung oil.




Original Jesse Emory Dials