Tall Clock Details

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This clock has all the notable Emory features. Based on observations and meticulous data from 5 Emory clocks. Bonnet based on clock donated to the Henniker Historical Society.

  • Solid Tiger Maple, pine used as secondary wood. Olde amber stain
  • Movement hard maple, quarter sawn. Finely sanded and finished.
  • Dial engraved hard maple, no yellowing white.
  • Hand painted Jesse Emory style door latch.
  • Rare Emory style door stiffeners
  • Bearings Lignum Vitae. No oil required.
  • Brass escape wheel, hardened steel pallets.
  • Bell Whitechapel foundry, London. Original Emory bell was from England.
  • Francestown soapstone weights.
  • Cast pewter hour hand, steel minute hand.
  • Machined inner arbor on all wheels.
  • Pivots polished stainless steel running in Lignum vitae.