Set 20 - Children's Free Standing Gear Exhibit ~ Two-sided

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Children are inspired and eager to learn when introduced to hands-on exhibits such as Cogworks Set20. This two-sided exhibit includes an inspirational banner. Its main board allows two different gear sizes to be arranged in a matrix pattern. Six hardwoods are used in making the gears that are detailed with intricate patterns and inlays for variation and interest. The gear location pins are made from brass for strength. There are three cranks or driving gears fixed to each side of the display; making a total of six work areas. Gear creations can be joined between cranks; this encourages teamwork.

 About the Matrix Board – This two-sided display is freestanding and very stable. Its two-sided matrix board has 6 creative zones. The matrix board size is approximately 24” by 60” and provides a large canvas to create. Each exhibit comes with an integral storage shelf with solid cherry, maple, oak, ash, bubinga, and walnut gears.

Set20 ~ Two Sided Gear Exhibit ( Free Standing )  ~ Specifications



1) The board size is approximately 60” wide by 24” high. Two boards come with the display, one on each side. Total assembly height is 36”. Includes 48” long storage lower tray for gears with cherry trim front. The board and assembly is made from solid birch plywood for strength. It has a safe tough lacquer finish except for board rubbing face, which is finished with FDA approved mineral oil. The Display is free standing.

2) Cogworks wooden gears are the best  available. Plastic gearsjust do not feel the same.

3) Includes Qty 6 crank gears with solid brass hardware fixed to the board.

4) Includes Qty 40 solid mixed wood G24 gears with solid brass retained axle pins.

5) Includes Qty 100 solid mixed wood G12 gears with solid brass retained axle pins.

6)Includes double sided dynamic “COGWORKS” banner featuring gears and pulleys.

7) Includes side action fixed gear display.



Shipping in lower 48 states

Weight: 250 lb.
Dimensions: 60in. × 24in. × 60in.
Price: $4,950.00
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