Set 4 - Gears and Pulleys

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Cogworks Set4 provides the necessary spark to get middle and high school students enthused about simple and complex machines.

Set 4's unique design features include a 20" by 20" rectangular matrix board with a plethora of tapped insert holes. Set 4 includes all the parts listed in the Set4 kit list tabulated below.  Please see the Set10 description for a full explanation of the Cogworks stacked pulley/gear drive system.

Set 4 has a great sampling of pulleys, gears and hardware, it comes packaged with the mechanical arrangement shown right. The arrangement features an interesting design featuring two sub gearboxes, idler pulleys and belt systems. We call this as delivered machine "Discovery".

Although Set4 does not have a storage case the smaller hardware can be kept safe in the green box. Set4 features rubber feet to prevent sliding on a table. Note: Set4 has same size size matrix base as Set5.

Set5 features additional gears, pulleys, hardware and a dovetailed hardwood storage case and parts tray. Mounting Holes Note: The Set4/Set5 matrix board shown  has a solid brass bonded thru bushing in each corner, 1/4" internal diameter. The base is a solid 1" thick with internal steel tapped inserts. The thru bushing can be used to solidly mount the base to a wall or exhibit. A series of set4 bases can easily form a larger exhibit with a different mechanical arrangement on each base. The corner holes can also be used to mount posts to mount a polycarbonate display dust cover.

 Set 4 is shipped shrink wrapped in a rigid cardboard box.

Read the installation tutorial.


Parts List     Set 4


  • Qty2~36 tooth gears  18cm diameter
  • Qty8~24 tooth gears  12cm diameter
  • Qty6~12 tooth gears  6cm diameter
  • Qty2~12cm pulley 
  • Qty8~6cm pulley
  •     Qty 1 - Crank  Assembly
  • Qty1~20cm belt
  • Qty1~40cm belt
  • Qty1~60cm belt
  • Qty1~80cm belt
Stub Post
  • Qty 2 ~ Stub Post -1U
  • Qty 2~ Stub Post  -2U
  • Qty 4 ~ Stub Post -3U
  • Qty 2 ~Stub Post - 4U
  • Qty 2~ Stub Post - 5U 
Post Collars 
  • Qty 12 - Press on post retaining"Quick" collars
  • Qty 12 - Clamp Collars 
Shaft Spacers 
  • Qty 12 ~ 1 unit spacer
  • Qty 1 - Collar Wrench
  • Qty 4 - Acrylic pointers with laser engraved markings

Matrix Board 

  • Qty 1 - Matrix board. 19" by 19" internal tapped inserts. Precision corner brass bushings with 1/4" holes.Qty 4- Rubber Feet, insert in matrix board corner holes.
Torque Beam 
  • Qty1 - 50cm torque beam/matrix board extension. (Not shown in picture)
  • Qty2 - Solid torque beam attaching screw
  • Qty 1 - Cogworks green/gold small part cardbotd storage box.
  • Qty 1 - Reference Guide


Weight: 5 lb.
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