Set 2 Educational Cogbox - Stainless Steel Axle Pegs

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Set 2 has a large base measuring 20" by 20" and is ideal for introducing a number of important principles relative to simple machines and gears. This educational tool is intended for 1st through 4th grade students. The primary goal of Set 2 is to give the student an appreciation of gears through play. The gears may be moved around on a  matrix board, 1000's of combinations being possible. As the student manipulates the gears a basic understanding of gears follows.

The gears are made from solid cherry hardwood and the base from laminated birch hardwood. The top of the gears have a tough lacquer finish while the sliding surfaces are finished in a non-toxic low friction mineral oil. The base is 1" thick laminated birch hardwood with 20 solid cherry gears included. Set 2 features eight large 24 teeth gears and twelve smaller 12 tooth gears are included.  The axle pins are made from solid polished stainless steel. The pins are retained in the gears via a clip - no small loose parts. Two of the gears have cranks enabling students to work as a team. The base may be rejuvenated after years of service by just rubbing with 220 grit paper and reapplying food grade mineral oil. An instruction sheet is included and an activity guide is also available.


 An instruction guide is included.


Dimensions: 20in. × 20in. × 3in.
Weight: 20 lb.
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