Set 3 - Gears and Pulleys

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Cogworks Set 3 provides the necessary spark to get middle and high school students enthused about science and physics. Set3 is one of the new wave of tools being used to reinvigorate American school science education. Unlike Set2 , Set3 features gears & pulleys that can be stacked to create more complex mechanical designs.

Set 3's unique design features a 14" by 12" high quality matrix board making a sturdy construction platform. The structure is essentially a three dimensional mechanical artistic canvas, ready to receive creative mechanical exploration.

Stub shafts, from stainless steel, are used to accurately locate pulleys and gears, via a plethora of equi-spaced holes and tapped inserts in the base. The student simply screws the shaft into the precision hole via a hex brass nut at the base of the shaft. The stub shafts allow gears and pulleys to be attached to the matrix board. The different length stub shafts are stored in the Set3 accessory box. The stub shafts differ in length from 1 unit to 3 units, each shaft length unit allows gears, pulleys or spacers to be mounted. 1 unit equals 1 gear, pulley or spacer. The gears, pulleys or spacers are retained by a stainless steel split shaft collar. The supplied tool easily clamps the collar to the precision stainless steel shaft via one quick turn. Additional stub shafts are available up to 6 units in height.

Set3-Exotic features gears made from some of the finest woods in the world. Typical woods include Cherry, Walnut, Walnut Burl, Quarter Sawn Tiger Hard Maple, Birdseye Maple, Chestnut Burl, Madrona Burl, Elm burl and more. Gear teeth are made from solid end grain hardwood for extreme stability, center of gears made from laminated hardwood. Woods provide a visual mechanical feast !! Enjoy.


Set 3 - Gear System

Gears can be stacked on the stub shafts and spaced out as necessary. The gears can be mechanically locked together on the stub shaft via a connector. By not inserting a connector, gears may move freely relative to each other. Interference from other gear meshes can be accommodated by using the different length stub shafts, spacers and connectors. Many different types of gear boxes and techniques can be investigated.

Torque beams can extend the stub shaft location matrix in space, therefore dramatically increasing the mechanical canvass area. Torque beams have the same hole spacing pattern as the triangular matrix board. Torque beams have an axial unit depth of 1. To transfer power from elements on a torque beam use a brass 1 unit spacer on a stub shaft. This gives perfect alignment of pulley or gear components. Set3 includes one torque beam but extra's can be ordered separately. Torque beams can used to connect multiple Set3 bases to allow team building. Three students, each with a Set3 cogbox, can create some wonderful and educational mechanisms.


Set 3 - Pulley System

As mentioned previously, pulleys can be stacked on the stub shafts and spaced out as necessary. The pulleys can be mechanically locked together on the stub shaft via a brass connector. Pulleys can be mixed with gears on the same shaft. The pulley groove accommodates a 1/4" specially developed flexible rubber belt. Set 3 comes with 1 each of 2 different length belts. Each belt can flex at least +/- 3cm from it's static length. Belts are available in multiple lengths. A belt making kit with a 100' roll of belting material is also available for special projects.

The gear torque beams can extend the hole matrix in space which can dramatically increase the mechanical canvas area. Torque beams have the same hole spacing pattern as the matrix board.


Set 3 - Packaging

Set3 is shipped in a green cardboard box with leather graining and gold lettering. Shown here are all Set3 components. Small parts are stored in a separate green & gold cogworks box,









Dimensions: 15in. × 12in. × 6in.
Weight: 20 lb.
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